Energy Based Devices

Advanced Medical Aesthetic Technician Program Specializing in Energy Based Devices

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About the program

Medical Aesthetics is one of the fastest growing industries and qualified technicians are always in high demand.  This unique 7 week program is for students who have graduated from basic aesthetic program or have worked in aesthetic field, and want to learn the most up to date and popular devices.  Students will obtain the skills to treat clients safely, maintain medical records documentation, provide 5 star customer service, and also master their techniques in the most sought after treatments in the industry. The devices include EmSella®, EmSculpt Neo®, Sylfirm X, Thermage® CPT and Ultherapy®. The program will cover both theory and hands-on training. Graduates will be ready for a professional work setting after completing this program.

Learners will participate in discussions and assessments to be able to determine whether a patient would be a candidate for a treatment.  They will be marked on knowledge as well as their technique and skills when performing a treatment.

What you will learn

By the end of this program, students will:

  • Obtain the skills to work in a medical aesthetic clinic setting.  This includes knowledge of laser safety, use of topical numbing agents, 5 star customer service, clinical documentation, clinical photography, and medical record keeping.
  • Gain an understanding for cryolipolysis, laser and energy based devices
  • Conduct a skin assessment, and recommend the skin care products/treatment for the client
  • Produce excellent clinical photography for medical documentation and in-clinic use
  • Understand the Sylfirm X RF microneedling technology and learn how to adjust the settings for various skin conditions.  Apply the knowledge and perform a treatment
  • Explain the HIFEM+ & RF technology in EmSculpt Neo® and its application for different body areas.  Provide a treatment plan based on client’s condition and execute a treatment
  • Understand how the EmSella® treatment help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and instruct patient in providing a treatment
  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of how Thermage® CPT can safely tighten, smooth, contour the face and different body areas, how to choose the candidates, and provide a customized treatment for patients
  • Understand the science of Ultherapy®, its indications and contraindications, read the ultrasound imaging, and perform a treatment

Is this program for you?

  • You are a technician who has graduated from a laser training institute
  • You are an aesthetician who has completed an aesthetics diploma or program
  • You are a technician with over 2 years of work experience with lasers or energy based devices
  • You are an independent self-starter and a team player
  • You wish to elevate yourself to ‘ready-to-go’ standard and make yourself highly employable

Because of the intensive training of this program, any previous experience you have can make you prepared to perform better in this program and beyond.

What our students say

"We were really impressed with our whole experience at YVR training centre. Janette was incredibly kind and accommodating with all our questions leading up to training and Deborah, Ivy, and Chanel were very attentive, knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process. We’ve had training on other technologies in the past, but it paled in comparison. Thanks for holding our industry to the highest standard!"

Glow Dermal Therapy

"Not only do I love the Sylfirm X machine and treatment but having the assistance and guidance from Chanel, Debbie and Janette has been so incredibly beneficial towards maximizing my knowledge capability. I quickly felt confident after the training in my clinic. I would highly recommend getting trained by these professionals."

Meghan Baldwin (Baldwin Beauty)
Owner / Operator of Baldwin Beauty
12 Weeks
Aesthetic Energy Based Devices
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12 Weeks